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Drummer. Percussionist. Vocalist.

Welcome to Fil Baker Music 


Fil is an experienced drummer, percussionist and singer - and occasional actor* - and has been playing since the late 1960s. The passion has not dimmed; from Rock and Pop, through Funk and Jazz, it’s all music to his ears.

* he recently had a small (blink-and-you'll-miss-it!) role in Michael Pearce's critically-acclaimed film "Beast", also starring Jessie Buckley, Johnny Flynn and Geraldine James - the eagle-eyed may also spot glimpses of his car (the Drum Roller) during the Funeral-scenes!


If you would like to collaborate on a new or existing project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Feb 2020: Fil has joined the jazz/rock/funk band The Screen Gems, helping to develop their own style of music, which takes a jazz influence and mixes it with rock/pop writing. Strong cover-versions are included in the average set, combined with top-quality original material. The new lineup is now taking it on the road - The Screen Gems' website can be found here


Feb 2019: Fil has been invited to join the Rock/Blues/Soul band SIREN, alongside Alan Cleaves (Guitar), Dave Gallagher (Keys), Keith Jones (Bass), and fronted by the force of Nature which is Arwen Bingham.


Feb 2019: At the time of writing he is engaged upon the re-birth of the pop/rock covers band Total Recall, after the loss of two key members at the close of 2018. It will reappear in early Feb 2019 as a trio, with a view to featuring guest-artists, and perhaps expanding the headcount as appropriate. Watch this space...

In addition, much groundwork has been done on the rock-trio Turtle Recoil (Confused? You will be...) which will boast a repertoire of covers and original material, in a heavier vein than that put out by Total Recall...). The band intends to be on the road soon. Developments will be reported here...

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