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Please keep checking back.
February 2019: Much has happened in the 12 months since the last update!  
Paul (the original Velvet Razor drummer) returned from ill-health (hurrah!) to re-join the band but, Dave, Jeff and Fil having made considerable progress, a new entity - Turtle Recoil - was born, consisting of Dave Kent (guitar & vocs), Jeff Rose (bass) and Fil Baker (drums & vocs), to run separately; bookings are now being pursued... 
Total Recall (no relation!) suffered the loss of Philip Black (bass & vocs) to ill health - he has wisely decided to retire and take things easy, and we wish him well. At the same time, Rob, who was lined-up to take on lead-guitar duties, had a change of day-job which involved relocation to the South Coast, so the logistics were too great a problem, and he too departed.
Graham Bell (rhythm guitar and vocs) and Fil were left on the horns of a dilemma: close the band down, or try to re-group? The offer of bookings for the first quarter of 2019 provided the answer. The band will proceed as (at least, initially) a trio, with the addition of the exquisite bass-playing of Mike Barden (SCRAM, Famous Five, and more), and Graham and Fil sharing the vocals. The set has been altered to suit, some songs having been dropped, and new ones substituted. Onward and upward!
February 2018: Work began in earnest on the new iteration of Velvet Razor; it is hoped to be out on the road in the near future as other commitments allow. 
November 2017: Fil was invited to take part in the revival of the rock trio Velvet Razor, with Dave Kent (guitar & main vocals) and Jeff Rose (bass), preliminary rehearsals taking place at Airplay Studios in Ashford (Middx)
August 2016: The release of "Just For The Record" album, by Fil Baker's FAT CHANCE.
The FAT CHANCE band is a pop-up unit put together from musicians invited to collaborate on the one-off album. Accompanying Fil (Drums and Lead Vocals) are:
Adrian Thomas - Guitars
Emmanuel Lachlan - Bass
Backing-Vocals by Irene Rae and Rosemary Baker
Tracks 2 and 4 - "Dead Man Walking" and "50 Shades Of Blue", respectively -  are original compositions by Fil and there are seven further covers, all arranged and performed by FAT CHANCE.
Track 10 is a very special arrangement of Saiichi Sugiyama's "Pretty Tanya", arranged and performed by Saiichi himself, with Ben Reed on bass and Fil Baker on drumming-duty. At the time of writing, this arrangement is available only on this record.
Please see the "MUSIC" tab to hear and order a copy.
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